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TYPE   -   Robinson R44 II

SPECIFICATIONS   Dimensions: Length 38.25 ‘/ Width 6.9 ‘/ Height 10.75’/Main Rotor Diameter 33’(Tip Speed 705 FPS)

                                 Powerplant: Lycoming 10-540-AE1A5 (Max. Continuous Rating 2718 RPM)

                                 Maximum Speed: 130 KIAS (150 MPH) (100 KIAS with “doors off” configuration)

                                 Range: 2.75 Hrs (ie: 275 NM at 100 KTS. Variables include wind speed/direction,OAT)

                                 Outside Temperature Limits: -30 degrees C to +40 degrees C

                                 Passenger Capacity: X3 (X4 including pilot)

                                 Maximum Weight:  Max. 300 lbs per seat (includes 50 lbs cargo per seat)

                                 Max. total passenger/cargo 475 lbs to 625 lbs (relates to fuel req’d)

FEATURES   Air Conditioning

                      Bubble Windows

                      Cargo Hook

                      Collapsible Fuel Bladders


***Missions / Tours that require Aircraft with larger gross weight capacity. We confidently recommend Delta Helicopters

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