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Experience Alberta's Rocky Mountains like never before! Book now for SPECIAL SAVINGS for four popular flight itineraries.


Book early to avoid the disappointment of sold out itineraries!



***add $75.00 (+GST) for “doors off” option for any pkg***
  • FLY – IN BED AND BREAKFAST  (100 minutes)  $1760.00 (+GST) + cost of food & lodging

Relax with a 45 min. flight to the “Prairie Creek Inn” nestled only 12 miles south of Rocky Mountain House. This secluded cabin setting is far from “roughing it”. Where luxury meets nature, this very private and comfortable resort is located on the Prairie Creek at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Breakfast brought to your door? Done! You’ll become quick friends with Terri and Larry, the on-site owners. 


(accommodation booked separately by guests) 

  • EDMONTON TO ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE (100 minutes) $1850.00(+GST)

10% Discount NOW $1665.00(+GST) 

Departing from Edmonton, we travel southwest toward the Rocky Mountains. Along the way, we enjoy “lake country”, passing near many of these summer vacation spots (Pigeon Lake, Gull Lake, Sylvan Lake)…like giant mirrors to the sky! In 35 minutes, we've reached the threshold of the Rocky mountains, exploring the foothills with the majestic peaks as our backdrop.

*Maximum 3 passengers/total 500 lbs.

  • ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE TO ABRAHAM LAKE (75 minutes) $1470.00 (+GST)

Meet you at the Rocky Mountain House airport. Departing from the airport, we follow the North Saskatchewan River to Nordegg (30 minutes), then venture south over waterfalls and gorges. Next, the valley opens to pristine Abraham Lake and the Bighorn Dam. Turquoise water and the white capped Rocky Mountains…if a picture is worth a thousand words…this will leave you speechless! Ask about visiting the “ice bubbles” of Abraham Lake in the winter months. A rare natural wonder!

*Maximum 3 Passengers/total 500 lbs.
*Minimum  2 flights per group.

  • EDMONTON TO ABRAHAM LAKE (150 minutes) $2700.00 (+GST)

10% Discount NOW $2430.00(+GST)

Combining above pkgs., this private charter experience brings you from the winding North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton to the source of the river's life…Abraham Lake. Sit back and relax as you witness the rising terrain reach up to become the Rocky Mountain corridor. We land at the lake for a 30 minute stop to “take it all in”.  Definitely a unique photo opportunity!


*Maximum 3 passengers/total 500 lbs

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