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Edmonton Helicopter Rides

Whether your flight is for business or pleasure, we have a “no-compromise” attitude toward safety. We apply the same high standard for every mission.


Our pilots must complete regular proficiency evaluations which includes written and oral examinations, flight exercises, and an annual “Pilot Proficiency Check” (PPC) flight with a Transport Canada approved Class 1 instructor. Additional training includes: Low Visibility Operations, Hover Deplaning, Crew Resource Management, Pilot Decision Making, and First Aid.

Helmets and Flight Suites are mandatory for pilots.


Strict maintenance schedules are managed by our “Person Responsible for Maintenance” (PRM) Potential hazards are documented and immediately addressed. Risk Assessment Reviews are conducted annually.  On board Emergency Survival Kit, a comprehensive First Aid Kit, and 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT).  Required “Flight Following” procedures in effect.


Comprehensive Third Party and Passenger Liability in effect.


Audits are conducted by Transport Canada and the Canadian Transport Agency to ensure compliance to all policies, laws, regulations relating to the approved Aviation Operations Manual (AOC), Canadian Air Regulations (CARs), and published Tariff.

***Missions / Tours that require Aircraft with larger gross weight capacity. We confidently recommend Delta Helicopters

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