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From sunrise to sunset (5:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. in the summer months), 7 days a week, most days of the year in every season.  Dependant of course on weather conditions and availability.




Our base of operations is at the Edmonton International Airport (CYEG), Executive Flight Centre, Terminal 1. (see “Contact Us” for directions)



Edmonton Helicopter Rides


You may know Edmonton…but not like this!!  From the town of Devon, we follow the river valley along the many golf courses leading to Hawrelak Park. Along the downtown core you’ll notice the Legislature grounds, Hotel Macdonald, Mutartt Conservitory, Commonwealth Stadium ,the new Rogers Place Arena…even West Edmonton Mall. What does your neighborhood look like from the air? Spot your own home or favorite park? (Recommended 30 min. or 40  min. flight. See “Rates” for details)



We venture west along the North Saskatchewan River on this cross country experience. Enjoy the winding turns of the river as you take in the colorful landscape…every season offers a new perspective.  Land on a sand bar  and experience the thrill of departing only feet over the water, gently climbing as the glistening water disappears below. The perfect setting for a sunset flight!! (Recommended 20 min. or 30 min. flight. See “Rates for details)



The route and destination?  Your choice! You are in control as we pre-plan a specific flight with only you in mind. Celebrating  a special occasion? anniversary?...a surprise gift?...a unique way to “pop the question?...or an adventure to experience “just because”? just give us a reason and we are there to help inspire an unforgettable day! (See “Rates” for details)



Talk about a grand entrance!! Arrive at your venue by air as your guests greet you with applause….or depart by air “into the sunset” to your planned hide away. A unique touch to your special day.( Rural settings are best to avoid landing restrictions. See “Rates” for details)


On a river island or a country meadow, spend an hour…or two, under the shade of an umbrella while sampling a picnic lunch prepared by SORRENTINOS. (Champaign or wine optional. Call us for menu pricing details. Recommend 30 min. flight. See “Rates” for details)



Wow! What a way to reward your hard working staff! Arrange a group event.  Our ground crew will safely escort each group of passengers to and from the helicopter as we plan a series of short flights (8 10 min. flights) Rural settings are best…your acreage, your farm, your place of business.



Property viewings…nature or landscape surveys. With the doors on or off, a properly planned mission will guarantee professional results. Need a photographer? We have that too! Aerial photography often requires specialized skills and equipment for the best results. Scott Bruck from Shadow Box Studios has worked with ERH for several years. His experience is your advantage.  


(Prices quoted per mission). 



Relax with a 40 min. flight to the “Prairie Creek Inn” nestled only 12 miles south of Rocky Mountain House. This secluded cabin setting is far from “roughing it”. Where luxury meets nature, this very private and comfortable resort is located on the Prairie Creek at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Breakfast brought to your door? Done! You’ll become quick friends with Terri and Larry, the on-site owners. (Round trip flight time is 90 min. See “Rates” for details) 



Meet you at the Rocky Mountain House airport. Departing from the airport, we follow the North Saskatchewan River to Nordegg (30 min.), then venture west over water falls and gorges.  Next, south as the valley opens to pristine Abraham Lake and the Bighorn dam (45 min.). Turquoise water and the white capped Rocky Mountains…if a picture is worth a thousand words…this will leave you speechless. (Flight time is 90 min. returning to Rocky Mountain house airport. See Specials - Rocky Mountains for details. Flight time from Edmonton Int’l to RMH is 40 min.-optional)

***Missions / Tours that require Aircraft with larger gross weight capacity. We confidently recommend “Delta Helicopters

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