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Edmonton Regional Helicopter parked on ramp with Chinook Helicopters

Established in 2010, ERH is Edmonton's primary helicopter charter company, providing commercial and public services. From pipeline inspection to Edmonton city/river tours. Regardless of the mission, ERH approaches each flight with the highest standards of safety and attention to detail that you'd come to expect.


Robinson R44 Raven II

The R44 is the one of best selling helicopters of all time and is our choice due to its versatility, performance and impeccable safety record.



Max. Pass./

Cargo Weight:

3 + 1(pilot)

2.75hrs / ~275nm

~625lbs total

130 KIAS / 150 MPH / 241 KMH

Robinson R44 Illustration
Airside Flight Services VIP lounge
Airside Flight Services building


Whether your flight is for business or pleasure, we have a “no-compromise” attitude toward safety. We apply the same high standards for every mission.

Pilot Training

Our pilots must complete regular proficiency evaluations which includes written and oral examinations, flight exercises, and an annual “Pilot Proficiency Check” (PPC) flight with a Transport Canada approved Class 1 instructor. Additional training includes:

  • Low Visibility Operations

  • Hover Deplaning

  • Crew Resource Management

  • Pilot Decision Making

  • First Aid.

Helmets and Flight Suites are mandatory for pilots.


Strict maintenance schedules are managed by our “Person Responsible for Maintenance” (PRM). Potential hazards are documented and immediately addressed. Risk Assessment Reviews are conducted annually.  On board Emergency Survival Kit, a comprehensive First Aid Kit, and 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT).  Required “Flight Following” procedures in effect.


Audits are conducted by Transport Canada and the Canadian Transport Agency to ensure compliance to all policies, laws, regulations relating to the approved Aviation Operations Manual (AOC), Canadian Air Regulations (CARs), and published Tariff.


We're unique when it comes to pricing! What you see is what you pay!
It includes the following:

  • Pricing is per flight and not per person.  Go solo or bring two friends! (Total 3 passengers)

  • Taxes are included

  • No fuel surcharges, additional fees or surprises


Airside Flight Services logo

ERH is happy to be flying out of the Airside Flight Services at the Edmonton International Airport.  Customers get to enjoy the luxurious departure lounge and all of its amenities.  Click HERE for our location.

Meet Wes


As Operations Manager and Chief Pilot for Edmonton Regional Helicopters, my days are busy…but I wouldn’t change it for anything!


The challenge of coordinating flight schedules, pilots, ground crew, and oversight of maintenance is just “another day at the office” and very satisfying.


I’ve been a commercial helicopter pilot for 17 years, with experience in utility work, geological survey, as well as  search and rescue to name a few.


My favorite activity though, is sharing helicopter flight as a tour guide of the Edmonton, Central Alberta, and Rocky Mountain region. Most of these passengers have never experienced helicopter flight before…from initial hover to final approach and landing, the smiles never stop. It just doesn’t get better than that!

-Wes Sabulka

Wes Sabulka Chief Pilot
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