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  • How many seats or how many people can go per flight?
    ERH flies a Robinson R44 helicopter which has a total of four seats.... For your own safety, one of the seats need to be occupied by the pilot. This leaves a total of 3 seats for you and your friends!
  • Are there any weight restrictions?
    Yes, there are. For the safety of our crew and passengers, there are limitations which rarely affect our flights. Passengers/Cargo cannot exceed a total of 500lbs, while a single seat cannot exceed 300lbs.
  • What are your cancellation policies?
    1) Full refund if cancelled due to weather restrictions, unscheduled maintenance, pilot availability or other conditions beyond the control of the carrier that may affect flight safety 2) 50% refund if written cancellation received min. 48 hrs prior to departure date and time 3) No refund if written cancellation received less than 48 hrs prior to departure date and time 4) No refund if cancelled due to assessment of "Pilot in Command" that passenger(s) are unsuitable for flight. (Examples: confrontational, intoxicated, beyond the maximum 300 lb per seat restriction.) 5) No refunds for late arrivals or "no shows". 6) Option to reschedule cancelled flights is at the discretion of the carrier.
  • What is your flight schedule? / When do you fly?
    This is the best part about being a Helicopter Charter company... we fly when you want too! However, there are some restrictions, for example weather, availability, night flights and unscheduled maintenance. We operate 12 months of the year, sunrise to sunset. Call us to confirm your request. 780-890-7788
  • Do you do night flights?
    Unfortunately we do have restrictions when it comes to night flights. While we occassionally do "night" flights, it's within the Canadian Air Regulations and our licensing, which is: - we cannot take off until 30 minutes prior to sunrise - we must land within 30 minutes after sunset. Even with these restrictions we are still able to experience sunsets/sunrises and limited "night" flying.
  • I'm afraid of flying... How can you help me overcome this?
    Feeling uncomfortable about air travel is completely natural. The majority of our guests have never experienced helicopter flight before and are not sure what to expect. At ERH we completely understand this and adapt every flight experience to accommodate those who may be apprehensive. We are very mindful that everyone is different and will accommodate accordingly. We never rush our boarding process. From our safety briefing to climbing onboard, personal attention is our priority. For anyone with the fear of flight, we'd be more than happy to invite you out to our facility on our next scheduled flight to see our operations and become acquainted with us, our helicopter and operations. Please contact us to gather more details.
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